Aug 18, 2010

The first message in this blog

Why this blog? Just for the fun of it. For my work I had to learn how to write a blog and I liked it so much that now I have started a private one.
My blog is about collecting antique Kodak cameras, and, if I find it interesting enough, about all other photographica. So, what am I doing today? Most interesting is that I am fixing a C Daylight Kodak that I have bought at an auction in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Its pull string is broken and now I am looking for a gut string to replace it. Searching the internet I found a shop that sells strings for musical instrument. One of the ladies there is a cello player and she is going to send me a used string from her cello. Nice, isnt it? It saves me about € 100 for a set of new strings.
Next time I try to put up a photo of the Daylight camera here.

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