Aug 25, 2010

Rare Kamaret camera

There's another interesting and historical important camera on eBay just now. It's a Kamaret from 1891. This camera is the first one with the front roll design, meaning that the spools for the film were not placed behing the plane of the image, but in front of it, just behind the lenspanel. This way the camera could be 30% shorter than the contemporary No. 4 Kodak, which took the same size of photos. It was a major innovation in camera construction.
It would be a nice addition to any collection of antique cameras.

The naked No. 4 Folding Kodet Special of a few days ago went for $ 141, not to much for such a rare camera. But it needs new leather and that will not be very simple to find. The C Daylight with roll holder went for $ 450. Also not much if you consider the rarity. But prices have dropped quite a bit during the last years. Very nice if you collect for the joy of it, like I do.

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  1. Hi Krzysztof,
    The Kamaret was not made by Eastman Kodak, but by the Blair Camera Co. of Boston, Mass.