Sep 19, 2010

Alcohol & the Eureka Jr and some interesting items at eBay

When I was changing the display cabinets in my private museum I noticed some mildew on my No. 2 Eureka Junior camera. I took a soft cloth, moistened it with a bit of alcohol and wiped of the mildew. This works very well on black leather. But the Eureka Jr is covered with some kind of leatherette and this material got sticky when it was moist with alcohol. I concluded that the alcohol could dissolve the leatherette and I stopped immediately. Not much harm was done, but I won't use alcohol on that camera again!

The Todd Gustavson book arrived and the first impression is very positive. Lots of color photos of wonderful old cameras and no full pages of text. (Is that the bad influence of the internet?)

Last but not least: there are two important Kodaks on eBay right now. The first is an original 1888 Kodak with case. It looks very decent and is a must have for every collector of Kodaks or important cameras.
The second one is the original version of the Folding Pocket Kodak of 1897. It meets all the criteria of the real first version and also is a must have for a collector of early important cameras.

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