Sep 26, 2010

Another photo of trees

I started taking photos around 1970 and continued to do so until the early 1990's. A few years ago I bought a Sony Alpha 700 with the best lens available and started again with my old hobby. I don't spend very much time on it and the results that pass my judgement are few.
Here I have a photo I took somewhere in the 1980's with a home made pinhole camera. It is one of the few pictures from my 'early period' that I still like to look at.

Something else: the auction of the original Folding Pocket Kodak has ended. It ended at a meagre $ 227. Only 6 bidders tried their luck. Indeed, we (the collectors of antique cameras) are on the verge of extinction. Well, to hell with it, I still like my hobby.

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