Sep 4, 2010

Cartridge Kodaks in Dutch collectors journal

Today the newest edition of the Dutch photographica collectors journal 'Photohistorisch tijdschrift' dropped into my mailbox, and there it was: my article about the Cartridge Kodaks. Four pages with the photographs in color, whow.
I had written it in June, after adding a beautiful example of a No. 3 Cartridge Kodak set to my collection. It has film and plate backs, 3 plate holders, 3 sheet film holders, ground glass, case and a superior Cooke Anastigmat lens and it looks like new.
In the article I tell why the Cartridge Kodaks were the amateur's workhorses. They were sturdy, versatile and could be equipped with high grade shutters and lenses. They could handle most kinds of serious work.
Writing the article was fun, as it always is. This time I especially enjoyed taking photos of the ground glass of the No. 3, to show the effect of moving the lens upwards and double bellows extension.

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