Sep 14, 2010

No. 4 Folding Kodet on eBay

A very fine and rare No. 4 Folding Kodet with its leather case is on eBay now. It is described as a No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior, but this is not correct. Asking price starts at US $ 1100. I wonder what it will do.

Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to DigitalThis weekend I ordered Todd Gustavson's book: Camera: A History of Photography from Daguerreotype to Digital. According to a review it should have information about the cameras, their marketing and users. That's just what I am interested in. It didn't arrive yet, but when I have it, I will write a little review about it.

1 comment:

  1. The Kodet ended at US$ 1251 after only two bids. For a Kodet in such a fine condition the price is not high, but regarding the overall low prices it is not bad at all. More surprising is that there are only two bids on this camera. Are we, the collectors of antique cameras, on the verge of extinction?