Oct 17, 2010

Article index & rare Kodet camera

My index of 2500 photohistory articles and patents is working again, not with the old DOS program, but with Excel. The Excel filtering options work well and I can search on every word and combine searches using logical (Boolean) operators. So, now I could start indexing the pile of journals that I haven't indexed yet. I could... but I think they will have to wait a little longer. Indexing journals is not really a job I like.
Enough about that.

There's a interesting camera for sale on eBay: a No. 4 Folding Kodet (vertical model) from around 1895. Alas it is 'restored' and now it really needs retoration. All the leather is stripped off and the wood is lacquered. The complete camera is mounted on a brass plate. Awful! But if you can find the right leather it is a rewarding job. The camera is worth the trouble, as it is not seen often.

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  1. Could be worse: you know these "bronzed" baby-shoes!