Oct 23, 2010

eBay watch

No busty ladies here, sorry, only old cameras. The Kamaret I mentioned earlier is still for sale. Price dropped to US$ 439. It is a historical interesting camera since it was (one of??) the first to use film spools in front of the film plane, the so called front roll design.
There's also a giant Eastman Dry Plate & Film Co. view camera from the years before the Kodak. It's a 18 x 22 inch machine. At the moment it has 4 bids and the price is $ 565. Still 4 days to go.
More humble is the No. 4 Eureka Kodak, a shoe box type camera for the specialised Kodak collector who wants to have all the models. The camera is not so often seen. This one is in fine condition and has the ground glass and two plate holders. Starting price $ 150, 3 days to go and no bids yet.

In the photo section there is a set of 26 mounted Kodak photos in the No. 2 size (3" x 3"). They date from the period 1896-1900. A nice addition to any No. 2 Bulls-eye, Bullet, Falcon or Flexo.

My favorite I have saved for the last. It's no Kodak, no, it's a Blair Focusing Weno Hawk eye No. 4. With this camera you could focus on a ground glass and still take your photos of a roll of film, like with the Screen Focus Kodak. It is a beauty and I want it, but I have to be strong and let it pass. I am a collector of early Kodaks, at least until I have them all. Then, and only then, I will go for the other beauties.

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  1. They may not be girls in bikini's, but they look pretty good anyway!