Oct 31, 2010

eBay watch

What happened to the items in my previous blog? The Kamaret is not for sale anymore. The auction ended after an offer was declined by the seller. Will we see the Kamaret again in some time?
The Eastman View camera sold for US$ 1675 after 6 serious bidders had battled for it. A nice price, I think, for a camera with no lens and a replacement lensboard.
The No. 4 Eureka in fine condition ended at US$ 168. Not really a high price, but like I said before, it's a camera for a limited group of collectors. I'm sure it is a fine addition to the collection of the new owner.
The set of 26 photos made by a No. 2 camera went for US$ 50. There was 1 bidder.
My favorite BLAIR FOCUSING WENO HAWK-EYE NO. 4 CAMERA is still there. No bids yet, no offers made. Is the $ 500 price way out of line? I have no idea.
The No. 4 Folding Kodak with Asbury Barker shutter ended at US$ 1195. Five bidders had been playing around at $ 500 when a sixth one took it away for the Buy it now price.
The naked No. 4 Folding Kodet found a new owner for US$ 181. I hope it gets restored properly now.

Any new interesting items on eBay now? Yep, a real nice red Pocket Kodak with battered leather case. At the moment 3 bidders are skirmishing over it. Highest bid now is a meagre $ 31.50. Still five days to go.
The model has the Tisdell shutter attached to the lensboard, indicating it is the 4th version of the 1895 model. But is also has the felt film guides, which belong to the earlier versions. Ralph London explaines in his article The Pocket Kodak (in The Photographist, nr 100, Winter 1993/1994) that the version with attached shutter & felt guides could well be the absolute first version of the '95 model. Meaning that this example on eBay is a very fine specimen of the very first Pocket Kodak version.

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