Oct 18, 2010

Satchel Kodak with Barker shutter

Wood Brass No 4 Folding Kodak Camera c1892

Again there's an interesting early Kodak for sale on eBay. This time it is a 1892 No. 4 Folding Kodak with a rare Asbury Barker shutter. Because this shutter didn't work well, it was often replaced by another model. Therefore examples with an original Barker shutter are quite rare today. In total there were only 3750 No. 4 Folding Kodaks produced. Buy it now price is US$ 1195. Better hurry before I change my mind and buy it myself.


  1. Where can I find info about that shutter? (oil? guillotine?)

  2. And I thought my cameras were old! http://thephotophile.blogspot.com/2010/10/yay-yashica-tlrs.html

    I really like your blog, this is the sort of subject that I find fascinating and I will be back! Thanks so much!

    Lanthus Clark