Nov 6, 2010

Addition to my collection & other things

The Stereo Brownie and Stereo Kodak Model 1 in the pic are part of my collection since many years. New is the specimen photo that is made with a No. 2 Stereo Brownie. In 2D it is a bit of a dull picture of two people standing on a rustic bridge in a forest. In 3D it comes to life in a wonderful way.
Besides early Kodak cameras I collect their instruction booklets and photos made with the cameras. The specimen photo is the latest addition to my collection.

eBay watch: there's a Pascal box camera for sale. It is the first camera with automatic film advance, dating from around 1899. Starting price is € 900. No bids yet. I wonder what it will do. In Photographica World 2010 no. 1 is an article about motordrive cameras. Le Pascal is one of the cameras described.

Sad news is that my mother probably has to move to a service appartment. She lives in a rather big house now, with lots of room for the stuff of her children. I will have to find a new home for a very fine Durst M605 black&white enlarger with Componon S lens. I haven't used it for 15 years. Also I will have to find a place for a scale model of a 1870s daylight photographers studio which I have made in the late 1980s. I have no room for it in my private museum, but I also don't want to sell it.

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  1. Of course you don't sell it (or, maybe, to Madurodam?). And I use several of my enlargers "modified" as lamps...
    You know "a Village lost and found" by Brian May (yes, "Queen"!) - lovely 3D's?