Dec 2, 2010

eBay watch

Again there are some nice antique Kodaks for sale on eBay. If you want a 3B Quick Focus Kodak you can choose between 3 models. One the left is the first model. Starting price US$ 85. On the right a very nice example of a later version of the first model, starting at $ 150. The one with the open front door is a later model, starting at $ 225.

A hard to find camera in complete condition is the No. 4 Bullet Specail model of 1898. It has its ground glass and two plate holders. Starting price is C $ 99. Not to much for this camera I would say.

Last but not least there is a Mickey Mouse Brownie. The seller knows what he has and a number of bidders also know it. 7 bids at the moment, $ 405 and reserve not met. Still 3 day to go.
I still wonder if these Mickey Mouse cameras are a fake or not. They always look like new.

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