Dec 4, 2010

Eureka View camera

Last night I added a new old camera to my collection. At 3 in the night a fine Eastman Dry Plate & Film Camera Co Eureka ended on eBay and I happened to be the highest bidder at US $ 524.
The camera is an Eastman but not a Kodak. It was made during the period 1887 - 1891 in small numbers. The picture size of this camera is 5 x 8 inch, and of these 310 cameras were produced. This example can be dated to the period before 24 December 1889, when the company name changed.

The camera above comes with fitting lens and shutter, plate holders, ground glass, black cloth, bulb and original case. It still has its original cloth bellows. The completeness of the set is one of the reasons why I went for this one.
When it arrives I will show some more pics.

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  1. " some more pics." Hopefully not only of, but also made with?