Jan 14, 2011

Naked Kodaks, continued

There's a couple of naked Kodaks again on eBay. This time a No. 2 Bulls-eye and a No. 3 Bulls-eye.

Both are sold by the same seller, who, as I happen to know, has had naked Kodaks in the past. He's honest and tells that the leather was stripped off. Well, the result is pretty. Rather dull camera's are made into nice objects for the mantelpiece, with warm colored wood and shiny brass. OK, if that's what you want. Collectors of Kodaks or other old cameras don't buy things like this, I think. Or do they?

Not stripped of its coat is the No. 1 Panoram with leather case. A nice set, with one bid at the moment, at $ 0.99. Case is worn, but could be fixed with some TLC. Also interesting is a C Daylight Kodak that needs a large amount of TLC. Leather is missing on parts and the door of the film back and the pull string & knob are also missing. Starts at $ 9.99 (has reserve). Seller ships to the USA only. Bad luck for the large collecting community in the rest of the world (yes, there is a world outside of the USA!), but if you are interested you always can ask. It's a nice job for a restorer. I hope it doesn't end naked....

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