Feb 3, 2011

Early Folding Pocket Kodak

There's an interesting camera for sale at eBay, a early version of the Folding Pocket Kodak. It is not the rare very first version, but a transitional model. It meets five of the six criteria for a real first model FPK. Still it is a very fine addition to any collection of antique cameras. When it was introduced in August of 1897 it was one of the first really pocketable cameras with a acceptable (for snapshooters) picture size. Sometimes it is called the 'Adam' of the folding pocket cameras and I think this is true. After the FPK many folding cameras followed, produced by almost all companies, well into the 1950's or 60's. Read more on my site and in my (Dutch language) article.
The camera for sale is in good condition and only needs a bit of Venetian cream to restore the color of the body. (No, I am not selling it. It is a fine camera and I hope it gets a good home.)

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  1. Nice,

    My aunt's vest pocket camera turned out to have a bad light leak. So the film inside was ruined. I'm intrigued now and would like to find a working one.