Feb 25, 2011

No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior & other stuff

My restored No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior is on its way home. The pic here shows the result. Not bad, I would say!

I received a question about a Eastman printing frame, but I don't know the answer. See the photos below.


The frame on the left in each photo seems to be an ordinary printing frame, but what is the thing on the right? Please let me know if you know.

There are a number of early Kodaks at eBay now:
A naked Flexo (3 bids already! Grrrr.)
No. 3 Kodak, stringset camera in nice condition
No. 2 Kodak, stringset that needs some TLC
No. 4 Folding Kodak, a very early model with wing shutter. See photo below. The model in my collection is still earlier. It does not have the wheel on top. Have a look at it on my site.
Original Folding Pocket Kodak, yes the real one! Hurry hurry, only one day to go!


  1. Probably for smaller formats ( 2 pics on one sheet ).( I cannot read what's printed on your mask ). I have a ± 25 years old Durst Comask with four windows and barn-doors that looks similar.

  2. The Restored Kodet Junior is beautiful Can't wait to see your photos from it.