Feb 4, 2011

Photos made with old Kodaks

The FPK that is on eBay now reminded me that I used such a camera a number of years ago to photograph some 'horse and carriage' day. It was an interesting experience to use a 1897 Folding Pocket Kodak in the field. The camera is very light and compact and really fits nicely in a coat pocket. The two little reflex finders are useless. The rest is simple: aim, press the button, turn the key.
I used 120 size roll film and I think that I had figured out a bit how to wind enough film for the next exposure and avoid exposing part of the previous photo.
I also updated the slide show of original old photos that were made with early Kodaks, which you can view on my website. I added one made with a C Ordinary or C Daylight camera and one with a No. 2 Stereo Brownie. There are 22 photos now. It is a nice little collection that gives an impression of the kind of results that could be expected from the early cameras. There are also some pics of photographers with their camera.


  1. Way to go! (That Ebay FPK is US only! S***! You know: I use the old stuff all the time and they still surprise me with their quality.)

  2. I like the quality that old cameras create. The subject and the camera make it look like the 1890's.