Feb 18, 2011

What's going on? (again)

Today I received a mail with a photo of my No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior. The inner parts are restored now and work on the outside can start. What I see is very promissing.

I also came across a instruction booklet from 1897 on eBay for the original Folding Pocket Kodak. The 'buy it now' price was very reasonable, so I clicked the button as fast as I could. The illustration on the front page shows the 4 holes in the lens board and the cone shaped lens opening! It will make a fine addition to my very first model of the FPK. I already have a set of mounted photos and the rare tripod adapter to go with it.

The Vest Pocket Kodak enlarging camera I mentioned earlier was sold for AU$ 20 to the one bidder that did bid. Lucky (wo)man!
At the moment there are a few interesting items for sale. First is a No. 5 Folding Kodak Improved in original condition, meaning that the reddish brown leather was not colored black. It is a later variation in nice condition. See for yourself. US$ 100 at the moment, 1 bid, still 5 days to go.

Second item is a red Pocket Kodak. 4 bids already, price now at AU$ 33, still 8 days to go.
A nice No. 1 Kodak stringset camera is for sale at a US auction. See catalog item #8. Auction closes at March 5th.
That's it for now. Coffee is waiting and after that I must try to pick up writing on my new detective novel.

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