Mar 18, 2011

Ruud Hoff collection

In 1983 I started collecting old cameras and that year I visited the photographica collectors trade fair in Amersfoort (now in Houten) for the first time. There I bought (as far as I can remember) a No. 3 Folding Pocket Kodak from Ruud Hoff. Even in those days Ruud was one of the leading Kodak collectors. Since then I have bought many Kodaks from Ruud and visited him a couple of times in Amsterdam, once to get the No. 6 Folding Kodak I had bought from him. The collection I saw there was overwhelming, with every Kodak camera I had only seen in books or just read about. For many years I have regretted that Ruud had no website where his collection could be seen. Now this has changed! So if you want to see an unbelieveable collection of early, rare and/or beautiful Kodaks you click this link:

What's going on at eBay? Well, there are a few nice cameras for sale, like a No. 5 Folding Kodak with wing shutter. 7 bids already and 2 and a half day to go.
Also there is a No. 2 Stereo Brownie for sale. You can get it for US $ 400. I paid much more for mine, a number of years ago.

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