Mar 17, 2011

Theodor Scheimpflug continued

I'm in the middle of a vacation week and I could have made a video of the restored No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior and of the Eastman Interchangeable View camera, but I haven't done so. Instead I have hauled 8000 kilograms of sand and gravel into the garden in 3 days time. An average of more than 2.5 ton a day. After that I did not feel like setting up a table in my open air daylight studio (the lawn), install the turntable on it and attach the electric drill to the turntable to provide the power for turning it round at an even speed. Maybe this weekend, if the weather is good enough....

After parking the shovel and wheelbarrow in the shed I just had enough energy left to search the internet for more information about Theodor Scheimpflug. And I did find some very interesting articles, one with a number of photographs. Shall I share one pic with you right now? Well... Ok, one half and a bit, the whole pic I keep for my article.

What you see here is a special camera devised by Theodor to take 8 photos simultaneously from a balloon of the landschape below. With another apparatus, of which I also have a photograph, he corrected the perspective of the photos, so they could be used as a source for drawing maps.

My search for more information continues. I am waiting for some scans the  Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen in Austria is going to send me and I'm going to ask the city archive of Vienna if they can help me. Also I have requested copies of articles at my library and a book via international interlibrary loan. Wonder what turns up.

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