Mar 11, 2011

Theodor Scheimpflug

If you read this and you don't know who Theodor Scheimpflug is, there is a big chance that you do know what the Scheimpflug rule is. If you even don't know that, you will have to Google a bit.
Theodor died in 1911, exactly one hundred years ago on August 22. I believe that is a good moment to commemorate him in an article in the Photohistorisch Tijdschrift (Dutch photohistorical journal), and that is just what I am preparing right now.
Searching the internet yields some information, mainly about his work and only a bit about his person. I could find one portrait. But there is some published printed material I am trying to get hold of. Also I mailed to two Austrian institutes, one of which has his archive. If I get a copy of the printed sources and if the institutes are willing and able to help me, I believe I can write a nice story that contains some rare material.

The No. 4 Folding Kodet Junior arrived at home today. I haven't seen it yet, as I am not at home. ASAP I will show some pics here.
The customs had an unpleasant surprise: import taxes for antiques are increased from 6 to 19 % from January 2011. There goes the advantage of a strong Euro for Dutch collectors.
I didn't have to pay this for the camera, but for the cost of restauration and postage. The camera was mine already, and paying taxes on the restauration I can understand, but paying taxes on postage!!! That is rediculous, but I know, I live in a tax paradise (for the government that is, not for the tax payer).

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