Apr 8, 2011

Scheimpflug update and GoogleBooks

Good news today! I just received 4 photos from the Technisches Museum Wien of Scheimpflug cameras and original photographs. One camera is the 8-lens panorama camera and the other is a 3-lens panorama camera. I'm very happy with them!
I still got no reply on my mails about the Sternwartestrasse 39 in Vienna. I mailed to the manager of the office that is located there now and to the Photo Club of Vienna. But I don't give up so soon.
This weekend I am going to start writing the article. I have gathered enough information to begin and I can always fit in new bits of info.

In the wood&brass group there was a message about making indexes of photo history books. An enthusiastic collector had produced a printed index of "An age of cameras" by Holmes and shared it with the group. That is very nice, but there is a simpler alternative: try http://books.google.com/ There you can search for books, but also full text inside books. The Holmes book is scanned by Google and you can search on every word in it. If you put words between parenthesis, like "george eastman", you only get the hits with exactly the text "George Eastman" and not all the passages with "Eastman camera" or "Eastman company". See the screenshot below.

There is more to GoogleBooks. You can log in (become a member first, it is free) and make your own digital library. I have done so with the printed books I have. See My Library (top right in my blogpage). You cannot read all the books full text, but you can search in them. When I want to find something in my own books I search in GoogleBooks, find the page were the subject is mentioned and then go to my physical book to read the passage.

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