Apr 25, 2011

Sternwartestrasse 39 Vienna

Yes! I finally received a photo of the house in the Sternwartestrasse in Vienna where Theodor Scheimpflug lived until his death in 1911. Photohistory enthusiast Peter (full name know to the editor) of Vienna was so kind to take a very fine picture of the Jugendstil house, surrounded by the green foliage of trees. He also added a photo of the stone tablet that was attached to the house in 1913, in remembrance of Theodor and his pionering work for aero cartography.
At the moment I am not going to share the pics here. That has to wait for publication of my article. Sorry. As compensation for the great disappointment this must cause, I will give you the link to a website about Austrian, and especially Viennese photo history, with lots of photos of cameras and other equipment.

During the next days I will be editing my Scheimpflug article. It is not an easy story to tell because it is a mixture of technically complex descriptions, a chronological line and Scheimpflugs character and life. But I have a very good test reader (my wife) who without any hesitation puts her finger on every weak part that I dared to keep in the text.
At the moment I have 15 illustrations, which is quite a lot. 5 of them are original photographs, the other are reproductions from a book or articles and drawings from patents.

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