May 21, 2011

Earliest flying machines & other antiques

The photo in my last blog led me to the book 'Buch des Fluges' by Hermann Hoernes, published in 1911. In it I found the photo of the man and woman with a Nikel kite, just as I had hoped. But to my surprise I found two more photos, made at the same location, with two other models of kites. The article of which they are part, is written by Theodor Scheimpflug, and he tells that he not just experimented with the Nikel kite, but also with the two other models. So now I have three Scheimpflug kite pics!
The old book is absolutely fascinating, with lots of articles and photos of the earlies aeroplanes and Zeppelins, blimps, balloons and kites. Here's one illustration from the book, so you can enjoy it a wee bit also. It's a pity I have to return it to the library of the university of Groningen...

I'm still busy with the Scheimpflug article. Information keeps popping up and I just can't ignore it. But this weekend I must give it the final touch and then it is ready. ...At least I think so... if no other facts creep into my computer or surprise me in the mail. We'll see.

The Boston Bulls Eye in wood finish and super condition went for a mere US $ 334. Not enough I would say, but the market makes the price, not I.
There are a few interesting old Kodaks on eBay just now. A No. 3 Kodak Junior and a No. 3 Zenith box. Both are not seen so very often, the Zenith being the rarest.

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