May 16, 2011

A little update

I'm still working hard om the Scheimpflug article, with new information popping up now and then. Now I am trailing down a photo of Theodor Scheimpflug with a Nikel kite. I have it in low resolution and am trying to get a better one. Also it would be nice to get a confirmation that the male in the pic is indeed Theodor.
Somewhere I did read that there was a woman who often accompanied Theo when he tested his kites and cameras, but I can't find it anymore. That annoys me terribly. I must have it somewhere...

The editing of the text is nearly done. I'm at nearly 5000 words and have 18 illustrations. Hope the editor of the journal won't mind.

At eBay there's a Boston Bull's Eye in very fine wood finish. Go see it. Only two days left. If you want one, get this one.

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