May 29, 2011

Scheimpflug article finally finished

It has taken me some time, but yes, this afternoon I finished my Scheimpflug article. What started as an idea about a short story to commemorate his 100th dying day, ended as a 6100 word article with 20 pictures. I just hope the editor is going to accept it, because it will take up about 9 or 10 pages. But I think it is worth the space. The story contains much information that is hard to find or expensive to get. Many original articles were published before the Great War and if you want to read them you have to order copies from a university. I believe a number of illustrations for my story have not been published for 90 or 100 years and some have been taken for me especially.
I intend to put all the sources and pictures on the internet, free for everyone to use, as far as rights permit. The written sources will be gathered in the Scheimpflug file, a special part of my website. The photos will be available at Flickr. My article will contain a QR code to take you to the photos directly. I'm planning to make them public in August. The 22nd would be a good day, but it depends on the publication date of the Photohistorisch Tijdschrift. The files must be online when the journal drops on the doormat.

To celebrate the day I show you another nice pic of Theo with a Hargrave kite. The panoramic camera was attached between the rods of the kite, to protect it when the kite would crash.

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