May 3, 2011

Scheimpflug update

Today is a good Scheimpflug day. This morning  a number of photographs from the Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen arrived. I also received a positive mail from Prof. Dr. Mayer, who published an article about Scheimpflug in Ophthalmic Research in 1994 and who is going to send me the documents he still has. All in all a lot of information and photographs is coming together, so much that it will be hard to choose what I will use and what not. But.... I have a new idea: the photos and illustrations that I cannot use will be available on Flickr. My article will contain a QR code, so everyone with a smartphone or webcam who has a QR code reader installed, can link directly to the extra pics.
At the moment the article has a length of 4100 words, too much for the 4 pages in the journal that is usual. I don't think I can reduce it to 2500 words, so I'm afraid it will be a two part story. Maybe that would be the best because I can use more illustrations then or they can be larger. Well, we'll see.

To celebrate the day I will share a photo already. Hope you like it. The pic shows the 8-lens panoramic camera attached to a blimp. From the door of the gondola the man has to hold the camera as horizontal as he can. This is the way the GoogleMaps of the Belle Époque was made.
Photo courtesy of Bundesamt für Eich- und Vermessungswesen. And many thanks to Annemarie Maier for her great help! Here's a virtual bunch of flowers for you.

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  1. And never underestimate the "old fashioned" high tech!