Jun 28, 2011

25th document in Scheimpflug File

It is amazing how many documents about Scheimpflug I still can find on the deep web. Equally amazing that I didn't find them earlier. But, I must say, most articles are hidden away very well in the deep web. First thing you have to know that there is something like http://www.archive.org/. This is only one of the large online fulltext document repositories. Here you can find an enormous amount of digitized old texts. It helps a lot if you know what journal you are looking for. Then you have to select the right issue and then you have to find the article in the issue. And there's no Google to help you. Well, it is part of my profession to dig up information, so I should be ashamed if I didn't know my way.

Today I added the 25th article to my Scheimpflug File. It is not online yet, but here is a list of documents, just to give you an idea about the contents.

Documents about Theodor

  • Theodor Scheimpflug, Festschrift zum 150järigen Bestand des Staatlichen Vermessungswesens in Österreich, 1956, 90 pages.
  • Theodor Scheimpflug, sein Leben und seinde Arbeiten, von Prof. E. Dolezal, 1911
  • Theodor Scheimpflug, his personality and lifework, by H. Mayer, 1994
  • Theodor Scheimpflug, by Karl Peucker, 1913. Sonderabdruck aus der Deutschen Rundschau für Geographie.
  • Theodor Scheimpflug, article from Foto Objektiv, 1986
  • Festschrift des K.u.K. flugtechnischen Vereins anlässlich der Enthüllung der Gedenktafel für weiland K.u.K. Hauptman des Ruhestandes und Kapitän langer Fahrt Theodor Scheimpflug, welche am 6. Dezember 1913, 11 1/2 Uhr vormittags in Wien XVIII, Sternwartestrasse 39 stattgefunden hat. By Josef Viktor Berger, 1913
  • Scheimpflugs landvermessung aus der Luft, article by Gustav Kammerer in Internationales Archiv für Photogrammetrie, 1911 - 1913. Go to page 196
  • Theodor Scheimpflug, by J. Radford in The British Journal of Photography, 1978
  • Hauptmann Theodor Scheimpflugs Aerophotogrammetrie, by J. v. Berger in Photographische Korrespondenz, 1914
  • Auszug aus den Qualifikationslisten 1899, 1900, 1901
  • Scheimpflug inventory of the Technisches Museum Wien (spring 2011)
  • Scheimpflug inventory of the Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv (spring 2011  
Documents written by Theodor

  • Die verwendung des Skioptikons zur Herstellung von Karten und Plänen aus Photographien, by Theodor Scheimpflug, 1897. See page 15 in the "Festschrift".
  • Über österreichische Versuche, Drachenphotogramma kartographisch zu verwerten, und deren bisherige Resultate, article by Theodor Scheimpflug in Photographische Korrepondenz, 1903.
  • Die herstellung von Karten und Plänen auf photographischem Wege, article by Theodor Scheimpflug in Sitzungsberichte der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften, Mathematisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Klasse, Volume 116, 1906, Wien. Pages 235-266
  • Hauptmann Scheinpflugs [sic] Ballonfahrten zum Zwecke photogrammetrischer Terrainaufnahmen, article by Theodor Scheimpflug in Internationales Archiv für Photogrammetrie, I. Band, 1908-1909
  • Über orientierung von Ballonaufnahmen, article by Theodor Scheimpflug in Internationales Archiv für Photogrammetrie, II. Band, 1909-1911
  • Die Flugtechnik im dienste des Vermessungswesens, article by Theodor Scheimpflug in Buch des Fluges, edited by Hermann Hoernes, 1911
  • Erhaltung der Stabilität, wichtigste Formen und Verwendungsarten der Drachen, article by Theodor Scheimpflug in Buch des Fluges, edited by Hermann Hoernes, 1911

  • Scheimpflug GB patent 1904, nr. 1196
  • Scheimpflug US patent 1904, nr 751.347
  • Scheimpflug US patent 1904, nr 752.596
  • Scheimpflug HU patent 1917, nr. 77167
  • Carpentier patent 1901, nr. 1139  

  • Article in Wiener Bilder of June 28, 1914 about the Fischamend disaster of June 20th.

The Scheimpflug File will be online from August 1, 2011. That month it is a century ago that Theodor died. If someone would like to receive a PDF of an article I will gladly provide it. Just ask.

Jun 24, 2011

My pretty great-aunt

Not so long ago I received a mail with a scan of an old group portrait with some of my ancestors on it. The sender is a distant relative and she asked whether I had old familie photos I wanted to share. I have some and we started exchanging photos and information. In the meantime I have uploaded them to Flickr, so everyone can admire them.
What I want to share here is a portrait of a great-aunt, who died at an old age some years ago. In her earlier days she was quite a pretty lady, as you can see here. She never married. What a shame, of was it just wise? I hope she never regretted it.

What else is going on? On the top right of this blog you can see a little photo of my original Folding Pocket Kodak with the original instruction booklet AND my newest treasure: the film box from 1906 / 1907 with a unused roll of film for this camera or the No. 1 Panoram.

Nothing Scheimpflug? Well, a bit. I happened to find the digital online version of Photographische Korrespondenz from 1903 and in this Theodor had published his article:
The article will be available in the Scheimpflug File in August.

Jun 19, 2011

Latest addition to my collection

This evening I added a nice item to my collection: a little yellow box with film for the No. 1 Folding Pocket Kodak or No. 1 Panoram. It is not often that I buy things like this, but sometimes I have a go at a rare instruction booklet, a photo made with a Kodak I have, or, like now, a filmbox.
It will be nice with the original FPK I have, the instruction booklet of the original version, a FPK photo and the rare tripod adapter.
Bidding was exiting until the very last second. If I am correct the last bidder did bid the same amount as I, but s/he waited until the last second and I had bid 15 seconds before the end. Well, it is a good thing to know that I am not the only fool on this planet who was willing to pay much $$ for a box of film that is more than a century over its usable date ;)

Jun 12, 2011

Scheimpflug again

The Scheimpflug file is growing steadily. Today I added 38 photos to Flickr, all connected to Theodor. With the QR code in the article in Photohistorisch Tijdschift readers will be able to see them on their smart phone or computer, just by scanning the code. The photos will also be part of the Scheimpflug file on my http://www.kodaksefke.eu/ site. After uploading them to Flickr I embedded them in my site as a slideshow. Also I have started to add photos to a map in Flickr. During the next days I will experiment with this, to see what the possibillities are.

A few days ago I was able to locate a Gustav Kammerer portrait on the net, so I have added that one too. Kammerer was Scheimpflugs assistent and co-worker in the second part of the 1900s. He died in a blimp accident in 1914.
Also I have been searching for a photo of prof. Ernst Mayer (1839-1926), the person from whom Theodor first heard about photogrammetry and who triggered his lifelong interest in the matter. Unfortunately I have not been able to find it until now.
The third person who I am going to trace down is Emmy Neumann, friend of Theodor. I have not much hope of finding a photo, but who knows... I have found the digitized address books of Vienna, and maybe they contain some lead to her. You'll be the first to know!

Jun 6, 2011

Scheimpflug, graveyard and early Eastman cameras

I'm in the first week of my summer vacation, so there is a lot I am busy with. First of all I am working on the Scheimpflug file on my website. I have 20 documents there, mostly articles from the Scheimpflug days, but also some later articles. It won't be everything that can be found on Theodor, but all the important publications about him are there. As far as I know there is no other place on the net where all these documents can be found together, and I hope that other people who are interested in Scheimpflug will make good use of it. The pic shows a screenshot of the webpage.

The Scheimpflug file will go online around August 11, 2011, when the first part of my article will appear in print in the Photohistorisch Tijdschrift. From the editor I got message that the complete article will be published in two parts. Hurray for that! It will be a total of 10 pages, 6 for the text and 4 for illustrations.

When I was on the old cemetary of Roermond I missed a camera with swing back or swing lens panel. When photographing a rusted fence I would like to get the fence sharp from front to end, but the background as out of focus as could be. A swing back and the Scheimpflug rule would have done that, but now I had to use the tele setting of my zoom lens and use diafragm 2.8.
After the first shooting at the graveyard I went back the next day to retry some shots, but the light was different so no second chance to catch the first impression. I made some new pics and here's one of them.

At eBay there are two interesting cameras: a No. 1 Kodak with its case and an Eastman Interchangeable View.

Jun 3, 2011

Old cemetary photos

I have lived for over half a century in the vicinity of Roermond, but I never visited the old cemetary there before today. This morning I took my camera (digital) and gave it a try. Well, I was completely overwhelmed. It is large, neglected and beautiful, a true treasure trove of rusted iron ornaments, worn and crumbling stone slabs, large trees and a myriad of wonderful details. Time is almost tangible there. I hope nobody gets the idea to restore it. Man must become dust, iron must become rust and stone must crumble to sand. Time does it all and in this graveyard you can see it at work.
Enough of preaching, let's see some pics.