Jun 19, 2011

Latest addition to my collection

This evening I added a nice item to my collection: a little yellow box with film for the No. 1 Folding Pocket Kodak or No. 1 Panoram. It is not often that I buy things like this, but sometimes I have a go at a rare instruction booklet, a photo made with a Kodak I have, or, like now, a filmbox.
It will be nice with the original FPK I have, the instruction booklet of the original version, a FPK photo and the rare tripod adapter.
Bidding was exiting until the very last second. If I am correct the last bidder did bid the same amount as I, but s/he waited until the last second and I had bid 15 seconds before the end. Well, it is a good thing to know that I am not the only fool on this planet who was willing to pay much $$ for a box of film that is more than a century over its usable date ;)

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