Jun 24, 2011

My pretty great-aunt

Not so long ago I received a mail with a scan of an old group portrait with some of my ancestors on it. The sender is a distant relative and she asked whether I had old familie photos I wanted to share. I have some and we started exchanging photos and information. In the meantime I have uploaded them to Flickr, so everyone can admire them.
What I want to share here is a portrait of a great-aunt, who died at an old age some years ago. In her earlier days she was quite a pretty lady, as you can see here. She never married. What a shame, of was it just wise? I hope she never regretted it.

What else is going on? On the top right of this blog you can see a little photo of my original Folding Pocket Kodak with the original instruction booklet AND my newest treasure: the film box from 1906 / 1907 with a unused roll of film for this camera or the No. 1 Panoram.

Nothing Scheimpflug? Well, a bit. I happened to find the digital online version of Photographische Korrespondenz from 1903 and in this Theodor had published his article:
The article will be available in the Scheimpflug File in August.

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