Jun 3, 2011

Old cemetary photos

I have lived for over half a century in the vicinity of Roermond, but I never visited the old cemetary there before today. This morning I took my camera (digital) and gave it a try. Well, I was completely overwhelmed. It is large, neglected and beautiful, a true treasure trove of rusted iron ornaments, worn and crumbling stone slabs, large trees and a myriad of wonderful details. Time is almost tangible there. I hope nobody gets the idea to restore it. Man must become dust, iron must become rust and stone must crumble to sand. Time does it all and in this graveyard you can see it at work.
Enough of preaching, let's see some pics.

1 comment:

  1. Hele mooie foto's. Ik heb zelf ook iets met begraafplaatsen, dus ik ga zeker eens een kijkje nemen.
    Corrie "Biebvlieg" Viegen