Jun 6, 2011

Scheimpflug, graveyard and early Eastman cameras

I'm in the first week of my summer vacation, so there is a lot I am busy with. First of all I am working on the Scheimpflug file on my website. I have 20 documents there, mostly articles from the Scheimpflug days, but also some later articles. It won't be everything that can be found on Theodor, but all the important publications about him are there. As far as I know there is no other place on the net where all these documents can be found together, and I hope that other people who are interested in Scheimpflug will make good use of it. The pic shows a screenshot of the webpage.

The Scheimpflug file will go online around August 11, 2011, when the first part of my article will appear in print in the Photohistorisch Tijdschrift. From the editor I got message that the complete article will be published in two parts. Hurray for that! It will be a total of 10 pages, 6 for the text and 4 for illustrations.

When I was on the old cemetary of Roermond I missed a camera with swing back or swing lens panel. When photographing a rusted fence I would like to get the fence sharp from front to end, but the background as out of focus as could be. A swing back and the Scheimpflug rule would have done that, but now I had to use the tele setting of my zoom lens and use diafragm 2.8.
After the first shooting at the graveyard I went back the next day to retry some shots, but the light was different so no second chance to catch the first impression. I made some new pics and here's one of them.

At eBay there are two interesting cameras: a No. 1 Kodak with its case and an Eastman Interchangeable View.

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