Jul 23, 2011

eBay watch and more

The old beauties of my last blog sold for lots of $$. The Francois Kinegraphe changed owner for US $ 2857 and the Tom Thumb went for $ 4870. Too much or not enough? I really don't know, but what I do know is that US $ 2800 or even 4800 is not a small sum for the average working horse like myself.

A some more affordable nicety on eBay is the Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak Special set, with booklet, box and sample photo. The Specials were the models with the better lenses and this one has a focusing F 6.9 Kodak Anastigmat. A very nice set if you want to add a fine VPK to your collection of VPK's or if you want to have a VPK, but not one of the simple ones that you can buy by the dozen. You can buy it now for US $ 200, but international shipping is another $ 40.

The Scheimpflug File is still growing. I have 14 publications by Theodor Scheimpflug now, and that are his complete works about aero-cartography according to the 1956 Festschrift. Of one publication I have only a part. It is a series of letters to the Photographische Korrespondenz of 1908-1909. I will try to get the rest as well.
About Theodor and his work I have 12 documents, with all the important publications included. Even the 90 page Festschrift is there as a PDF.
Then I have 4 Scheimpflug patents and 1 Carpentier patent and an article about the 1914 Fishamend disaster where Gustav Kammerer, technical leader of the Scheimpflug Institute after Theodor's death, was killed in a blimp accident, together with a number of military persons.
I believe this is the most comprehensive collection of digital files on Theodor Scheimpflug. Next week, on August 1, I will make it available online. In August it is 100 years ago that Scheimpflug died, on the 22nd of that month, to be precise.

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