Jul 3, 2011

eBay watch and Scheimpflug file

The most interesting early Kodak on eBay at the moment is a nice example of the original 1888 model. It comes with a case and doesn't look too bad. Some scuffing and a chip in the leather on one side. Still 7 days to go. I wonder what it will do.

In the past week I have added some more articles to the Scheimpflug file, but there are six more articles I would like to get. Three of them are available in digital form, but only in the USA. I asked a person I have had contact with in the past if she could download them for me and mail them. I hope this is going to work. If not, I have another person I can ask to help me. Let's see what is going to happen.
One artice I ordered from the library. There is a good chance that I will get it. Two others were published in Photographische Korrespondenz of 1906 and 1908. Both are not available online, as far as I know.
Also I have tried to get a photo of professor Ernst Mayer, the person from whom Scheimpflug heard of photocartography, but to no avail until now.
So, there's still work to do.

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