Jul 15, 2011

Old graveyard & old beauties

I had a look again at the photos I made a month ago of the old graveyard in Roermond and discovered some raw material that contained a nice picture. Here's one of them.

eBay watch

The original 1888 Kodak with case on eBay sold for a meagre US$ 2000. That is about € 1415 and by far not enough for this camera. What a shame (but luck for the buyer)!

Another rare and very beautiful camera that is for sale at the moment is a Francais Kinegraphe Twin Lens Reflex from about 1887. I would love to have it, but it doesn't fit into my collection of early Kodaks and until that one is complete I do not buy other cameras. Or do I...? Well, this one is tempting... Who will distract me with a fine A Daylight for sale, or a No. 5 Folding Kodet Special?

The Kinegraphe has only 1 and a half day to go, price at the moment for this beauty in wood is US$ 2225 after six bids.

A second fine and rare camera is a Tom Thumb camera in its wooden box. I don't know much about this one (didn't look for info), but it is a wonderful set. Still 3 days to go and the price is US$ 3450 after one bid.

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