Aug 27, 2011

In Atmospheric Light

This week I had some minutes left between two meetings in the city and so I strolled into the bookshop. There I discovered a book with wonderful photos on the discount table. The title is "In Atmospheric Light : Pictorialism in Dutch Photography 1890 - 1925". It was published on occasion of an exhibition in 2010.
The book starts with an introduction on pictorialism, a movement around 1900 that tried to establish photography as art with a capital A. Then it continues with about 100 photographs of 12 Dutch photographers, like Hernri Berssenbrugge, Bernard Eilers and Johan Huijsen. One of my favorites is a 1909 bromoil print by Bernard Eilers, called Trafalgar Square.

Also I have been experimenting with the embedding in my website of my videos on YouTube. I had it working in this blog to show them in a continuous loop, but I couldn't get it to work in my website. At last I copied the HTML part from the blogpage to the website and then it worked. But... only in Internet Explorer. I can't get it to work in Firefox or Google Chrome. Well, the videos didn't run in a loop before with these browsers, so I leave it to that. The only thing I can do with new videos is to repeate a video twice, so that the camera makes two turnes on the table.

There's not much going on at eBay, but one camera is rather special. It is a pink No. 2A Beau Brownie, with case and instruction booklet. The set is extremely rare. Price at the moment is US $ 375 and still 4 days to go. If you want one of these, go for it now.

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