Aug 15, 2011

My first movie production

I've been very busy with lots of things lately: my job (which costs many leisure hours), writing some chapters of my new Alix Janvier detective novel, and making a film. Well, don't take that too serious, but nevertheless it did cost quite a bit of time. The film of nearly 6 minutes is a kind of 'artists impression' of the life and time of Theodor Scheimpflug. It started as a little experiment to put some photos together with Windows Movie Maker and transform them into a old silent movie. But the new version of Windows Live Movie Maker doesn't have the 'old film' filter anymore, so I had to install the old version on my new computer. On the other hand the old version does not have the nice zoom and pan functions of the new version. So I ended up zooming and panning the photos in one version, save them as a fragment of film, import them in the old version and make them look like an 'old movie' there.
Then I had the idea to search for original snippets of old film on the internet. There's a lot out there, so I used some footage of blimps, balloons and street life in my own film. It was much fun doing all this, and I also found some very nice sources of old movies on the internet.
But enough about all that. Of course you can't wait to see my moving picture. Polish up your German, because to stay in tune with the language of Scheimpflug I made the text between the fragments in that language.
So, turn on the gas in the projector, open the stage curtains and watch the screen!

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