Sep 30, 2011

All the old Kodak catalogs

Early Kodak catalogs are quite rare and contain lots of information. So it's not very strange that they sell for a nice bundle of $$$. For all those who do not have a full set of original catalogs a DVD is available now, with all the catalogs from 1886 up to 1941. It is produced by Rob Niederman and Milan Zahorcak. Read all about it at Rob's site. I am going to order one and I will get back on it here. Below the cover of a 1906 catalog from my own collection.

Today I also pre-ordered the Adobe Premiere Elements 10 software for editing videos. Until now I worked with the free Windows Live Movie Maker. I noticed that I like working with video, so I gave it a go. The software will arive around October 11, just in time for my holiday week.

What's going on at eBay? In the past weeks two Eastman Plate Cameras were sold. The No. 4 size was a nice set (see below). The No. 3 was just the camera. I didn't bid on them because I thought they were not good enough, the No. 4 missing the screws on the side of the body and the finder, and the No. 3 also missing the screws and having scuffed leather. Both sold for US$ 122. They pop up regularly, so I will find mine.

At the moment there is a No. 1 Kodak box and a 1889 instruction booklet for sale. As you can see, the Kodak box is rather damaged and the pull string is missing. Only 1 day to go. The book has 3 days to go. Not much bidding yet, but that will come.

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