Sep 4, 2011

A mystery Bullet and some news on Theodor Scheimpflug

Lets start with the pink colored Beau Brownie from my last blogpost. It was sold for US $ 1525 and received 21 bids. It's nice to see that some fine cameras are still valued by collectors. Congratulations to the winning bidder! S/he surely has added a magnificent item to the collection.

Maybe, just maybe, later this year there will be some sort of event in Vienna to commemorate Scheimpflug's 100th dying day. I got that message from a professor at the Technical University of Vienna, and he will keep me informed. It certainly would be nice if the event took place. Also there is a chance that additional information on Scheimpflug will surface. I'm curious what it will be.
I uploaded the first part of my Scheimpflug article to the 'Scheimpflug File' on my website. It is in Dutch. I still have plans to translate it in German or English, but I have so many plans.... A day should have 48 hours!

Then there is a question about a rare and early Kodak box camera from 1895. It is the original version of the No. 2 Bullet camera, an Eastman copy of the historical important Boston Bull's-Eye box from 1892. According to literature the Bullet was only made during a short period, say 1895. In 1896 it was replaced with an improved model.
I received a question from a collector who has a 'normal' Bullet model and a Bullet model of '98. That is very strange, because in 1898 the original model was long replaced by the improved model. My idea is that the bottom of the camera, with the text about the model, was later replaced with a panel from the improved version. But... that is just a theory. Question: who has another No. 2 Bullet of the first version, with a Model '98 designation inside?

On the right the 'normal' model of the Bullet '95, with no text printed on the panels. On the left the mystery model. Both have Tisdell shutter, D-shaped red window and screw in the bottom to attach the mechanism to the box.
B.t.w., I'm still looking for a nice example of the orginal Bullet. I have one, but it has fake crocodile leather that is not original. Anyone wanting to sell his Bullet?

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