Oct 14, 2011

eBay stereo & a rare 4A Speed Kodak plate back

To start with the plate back: that is the latest addition to my collection. It fits beautiful to my No. 4A Speed Kodak camera. The plate back was sold for $ 7.50 during the period 1909-1913. A double glass plate holder did cost $ 1.25.
The camera itself appeared in the 1908 catalog, but the plate holder back first appeared in the 1909 catalog. (Many thanks to Rob Niederman and Milan Zahorcak for their Kodak catalog CD, from which the pic is taken.)

Then to the stereo stuff. A couple of days ago a very nice No. 2 Stereo Brownie salesman example card was sold for $ 39. I did not buy it because I allready have a Stereo Brownie card, but I don't know if that was a good decision. See for yourself.
The building could very well be a part of Kodak Park. It sure looks like that. See the Brownie camera on my site.

Not yet sold are three stereo cameras. The first is a No. 2 Stereo Brownie in very nice condition, although the strap is broken. Still 9 days to go. If you want one, this would be a nice one.
The second camera is the second version of the Stereo Kodak Model 1. See the pic below on the right. Still 6 days to go.
The third one is also the second version. See it here. You can buy it now for $ 499 or make an offer. The first version of the Stereo Kodak Model 1 camera you can see on my site.

The CD with all the Kodak catalogs did arrive and far above you can see a page from the 1909 catalog (4A Speed Kodak). I will have a better look at this CD and report on it here.

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