Oct 23, 2011

A victorian lady's summer sunday afternoon

Learning by doing is, I think, the best way to learn anything. Also I don't like to read instructions. So I installed my Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and began experimenting. I started with the full installation, with the trial version of Photoshop and the contents CD of Premiere, but my notebook wasn't so happy with that. It was so slow and often just stopped working that I de-installed everything and started all over with only the main programm of Premiere, not the content CD. The result is better, but not perfect. Sometimes parts of the editing just don't work and the programm closes, resulting in loss of work. Now I save the file every few minutes.
Nevertheless it is much fun working with Premiere Elements 10. There is so much in it, that I have only scratched the surface of all posibilities. In my first experimental film I have experimented much with two or three films imposed over each other, fading in and out. Here it is: (take care that your speakers are turned on loud enough!)

A Vistorian Lady's
Summer Sunday Afternoon
A Kodaksefke Production

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