Nov 18, 2011

Additions to my collection

I have not blogged for some time because I have been and still am very busy with building a terrace on three sides of the house. It takes all my time, but the result is worth it. Below you can see the work in progress on one side.
Working around the house does not mean that I forgot about my collection. Certainly not, I even added three items to it. I bough a set of two photos, made with a A Kodak and B Kodak, meaning the A Ordinary or Daylight and the B Ordinary or Daylight. I allready had an A and a C photo, and now I have the a complete set to go with my cameras. Below is a low quality snap made with my phone, showing my Daylight and Ordinary cameras and the three photos. Notice something? Yep, the A Daylight is missing. Let me know if you have a nice one for sale.

Also I bought a nice No. 4 Eastman Plate camera Series D set, wtih case, plate holders, ground glass back and a camera in good shape. It even has the two screws on the side panels that are often missing. This camera was not made in very large numbers, but still it is offered for sale regularly. But not often in so nice a condition!

What did I buy not? There was a very clean and very rare Falcon box on eBay that sold for US $ 618. I did bid on it, but because I have a Falcon I didn't go very high.
I did not bid on a beautiful No. 4 Eureka with plate holders and ground glass. It went for $ 466. It's good to see that such rare cameras still fetch good prices. See my No. 4 Eureka here, and my No. 4 Zenith here. The Zenith was the UK version of the Eureka and only 1000 were made. It is quite rare now.
I'm ending with a thing that I certainly would never bid on, but that sold for $ 4078. It's a figurine with a box camera. I would not have it in my garden and certainly not in my museum, but someone is happy with it now.

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