Jan 15, 2012

Manuals and other nice little things

The latest addition to my collection is a manual for the C Ordinary Kodak. I noticed the booklet as a 'buy it now' item on eBay, and as the price was high but not too high in relation to my desire to get it, I bought it. Here you see my Ordinary collection with the booklet. In the photo you don't see the bright yellow color of the front.
I try to add instruction manuals and photos to every camera in my collection, so this is a nice addition. A few month ago I bought a set of example photos that were made with the A, B, C Kodaks. Below is a photo made with the C camera.
A couple of weeks ago I addes a beautiful Fiftieth Anniversary Kodak set to my collection, with box, instructions and film. Now there is an other set for sale on eBay, with an instructions manual that has a colored front, while my example has a black and white front. I had never noticed before that there are variations, but I had never paid much attention. In July 2011 a set was sold with colored manual and a green card stating that the person receiving a Anniversary Kodak will not apply for a second one. Here's a pic of it.  

At the moment there is another 1A Speed Kodak for sale at eBay. That is not unusual, but this one has the instructions booklet with it. The camera is in nice condition, with the usual wear. Price now is $ 180, but there are still a few hours to go.
A second nice item is a Brownie in its illustrated box and with the slip on finder in the original little box. Camera and box are clean, but the most interesting item is the little carton with the slip on finder. Starting bid is $ 100, no bids yet and six days to go.

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