Jan 8, 2012

Woobra and other stuff

At the Wood and Brass community there was a message about the digitisation of the British Journal of Photography Almanak (which is only a plan and far from realisation). I know that many old journals are already digitised and available online, so I tried to find the BJPA at the Internet Archive and Hathi Trust digital libraries. Many years are available full text so I tagged them in Delicious (social bookmarking) with a unique tag: woobra. If you register at Delicious you can search for this tag and you will find my saved woobra links. At the moment I have 3 links to about 25 years of the BJPA, full text!
What is still more interesting is that you can use the woobra tag too, if you find full text photography journals online. Then, when I will search for the woobra tag, I will find your links also. This way we can share a digital library. Below a screenshot of the first page of the complete 1871 edition of the BJPA.

The last weeks there were some interesting items at aBay, like the Kodak Enlarging Camera No. 1 in super condition and with an extra lens to take photos. The beautiful instrument did fetch US $ 750. It was made from 1903 onwards for several years, and was in fact a daylight enlarger and copying camera. See the screenprint from the 1904 catalog below.

Another fine item was a very clean No. 1A Speed Kodak. Often these cameras are worn, with dried out leather and missing pieces of leather. This one was a peach, to use a phrase from its own days. It sold for $ 650.
Surprising was the $ 260 for a cabinet size photo of a gentleman in a studio, with one of the Eastman plate cameras on a tripod next to him. I have paid good money for photos with a rare Kodak on it, but not so much as $ 260!

Last but not least the latest news on my teahouse project. After several weekends of hard labor the stone path around the teahouse is ready. I'm happy with the result and so is my wife. On we go to the next project...

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