Feb 15, 2012

Blair Baby Hawk-Eye camera

I received a question about the Blair Baby Hawk-Eye camera and here is a link to an article in Photographica World 2008, issue 1, number 123. Download it if you want to keep it, because I will delete it at any moment from my Dropbox.

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  1. Thank you very much for posting this. It answers a lot of questions.

    I doubt I'll be able to use this camera, though. Had it been equipped with the red window, I probably could have cobbled something together: I have most of a roll of 46mm film in the freezer. Unfortunately it seems to need the perforations, which means it won't work reliably with anything but 102, which has been unavailable since before my grandfather was old enough to vote... I suppose I could get a hole puncher and make my own perfs, or (easier) just count the turns of the key and estimate.

    Thanks again.