Feb 12, 2012

The early years of photography

During the last two weekends and sometimes in the evenings I have been working on a video about the early years of photography. I needed it for the file on http://www.wikilimburg.nl/ and could not find a video that suited me. So I made it myself.
I started with Adobe Premiere Elements 10, but changed to Windows Movie Maker after a number of frustrating hours. Windows Movie Maker could not do what I had in mind, so I changed to Power Point. There I could make a background of early 19th century wallpaper, hang a picture frame on it and use the space in the frame to show my pics. When ready I saved the file as a video and then imported it in Windows Movie Maker to finish it. Some passages had to be stretched and it needed some background music.
Here it is (in Dutch, but I think I will make an English vesion as well):

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