Feb 26, 2012

Video & bicycle clamps

I have made an English translation of my video about the early years of photography and uploaded it to Youtube. I made the original video for a general audience that knows virtually nothing about the history of photography. In a nutshell it tells the story of Niepce, Daguerre and Fox Talbot. No details, not much explanation, just headlines and pictures. Here it is:

During the past week there were some interesting items for sale on eBay. First of all there were two Kodak boxes with clamps to mount bicycle cases on your bike. I believe these a quite rare, certainly with the original box. Both were sold for a nice sum, one box for US$ 147 and one for $ 178.

Bicycle cameras were fashionable around 1900 and Kodak offered several styles of cases for a number of their cameras. They even made a booklet called Bicycle Kodaks, with all the cases and cameras. Here's a  page showing a case for the Folding Pocket Kodak.

Also for sale was a plain wood Boston Bulls-Eye box from the period 1892-1895. This camera is a landmark camera because it incorporated several inventions that were used for the first time together in one instrument: front roll design, red window and daylight loading film. See my website for details.The one for sale was a Buy it Now item and it was sold during the first day for $ 285. The strap and one screw to hold that is missing.

I was thinking about buying it, but waited too long.
Just a day or two later another plain wood Boston Bulls-Eye appeared. It had its strap and looked good, so I did not hesitate long and bought it.
It will make a nice companion to my ebonite model Bulls-Eye. Now I have to find myself a leather covered model, to make the set complete.

Have a good look at both cameras. Notice the difference? The one I bought (left) has a pull strip on top. I guess you can select an aperture with it. I will find out when it arrives.

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