Mar 25, 2012

Boston Bulls-Eye continued

This week the 4 x 5 Boston Bulls-Eye camera arrived. It is in very nice condition, with no wear to the leather and all parts present. I'm glad that I could add it to my collection because it is truly a landmark camera. Well... not as much as the regular Boston Bulls-Eye for 3.5 inch square pics, but enough to be very special. According to the Boston Camera Mfg Co the succes of the regular model prompted the introduction of the 4 x 5 model. The regular dates from 1892, so the 4 x 5 must be later. How much? I don't know, but it was there in 1894, when the Boston Camera Mfg Co published a promotional booklet.
By the way, I doubt that the regular model was a great succes. It is quite rare nowadays, so considering that is was on the market for three years (1892-1895) it cannot have been much of a succes.
The 4 x 5 Bulls-Eye is even rarer. In fact, I don't know any other example. According to an article from the seventies, the Eastman House Museum had/has four examples. I could not find any photograph of it, nor a modern day description. Also I could not find any remark about it in several 1890s photo journals.

So have a look at this milestone in camera design. I made two videos, one showing the outside of the camera and one showing the internal parts. There's not much to see in that second video, but it shows the front roll design. Oh yes, it has the D-shaped red window!

Both videos can also be seen on my website, together with the pages from the 1894 promotional booklet.

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