Jun 28, 2012

1895 Eastman Bullet photo & other Kodak rarities

This week I added a rare photograph to my collection, that was made with the first model of the Kodak Bullet camera. There is no text on the mount stating "made with the Bullet camera", but there is a hand written date of July 1895. At that time the only Kodak camera for 3 1/2" square photos was the No. 2 Bullet, model of '95. This  camera was introduced in March 1895. The next model for this size is the No. 2 Bull's-Eye, which appeared in August 1895. The Bullet was replaced with the Improved model in April 1896. The camera is not well known and relatively rare.

I'm always looking for original photographs to go with my cameras and I consider this pic as a great find.

The 1895 model No. 2 Bullet with fake
crocodile  leather.

Earlier this year I added a No. 4 Panoram photo (size: 30.2 mm x 8.5 mm) to the collection. It is an interesting pic of an old fort, a house and a man under a tree. The picture is framed but when I took it from the frame to scan it I noticed a faint hand written text on the back: Miss Turnbull 3774 or 3114. Maybe this number is a telephone number, but until now I could not find a Turnbull with this number in the old directories. I wonder where the picture was taken and I hope that the name/number combination can shed any light on this. Anyway, the photo is nice and I share it with you here.

Some other niceties at eBay are, to start with, an envelope with a 1888 Kodak ad on it. It sold for US $ 127.50. This truly is a rare item and a fine addition to any Kodak collection. I can't remember seeing one of these before.

A Brownie Gift box went for $ 156 to a new owner. It is the box only, no contents. The Gift Box was made in 1924 and aimed at the '24 Christmas market. It contained a No. 2 Brownie camera, two rolls of film, an instruction booklet, a portrait lens, an album, glue, a booklet "At home with the Kodak". It is considered a rare item.  See this website and this one for more photos and a description.

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