Jun 2, 2012

Goodbye to Venetian Cream & hello to George Eastman on YouTube

For many years I have been using Venetian Cream to restore the worn, faded, scratched, scuffed and dried out leather on antique cameras. It worked miracles. Alas, the manufacturer stopped making it. Now I will have to start experimenting again with home made concoctions of leather dyes, shoe cream and the like. I am not amused! But maybe someone out there knows the perfect alternative....

This week I found a video about George Eastman on YouTube (actually three consecutive videos) that is worth while to watch. The story it tells is well known, at least to me, but there is some nice footage in it about Kodak Park that I have not seen before. Actual movie footage is rare and mostly panning and zooming in on photographs is used to give a film like effect.
Embedding the videos is not possible, but here are the links and a few screenshots:

Brownell in the camera factory

Emulsion cooking
Last but not least, there has been another goodbye this week: I have given away my Durst M605 enlarger with Componon S 80 mm lens and all the dark room paraphernalia that I still had. I had not used it for many years and I am pretty sure I never would use it again. So, good bye fine instrument.

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  1. ? Ik vind nog allerlei merken op 't net die Venetian Cream maken.